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(Poem) The Banana Leaf Sun

The sun is colored butter like banana leaves,

Wind is picking up through the shelter of sleeves.

Shells and puddles, grains of sand,

Cold and wet and hurt dig into my hands.

It's getting quite cold, but I'm scared to go,

If I leave will it be alone?

Close me off from the world to save me,

Say that you hate life, you're crazy.

See, the problem isn't that I don't love you.

You make me think this grey sky could be blue,

but I’m not certain you understand.

Let’s stop arguing and just hold hands.

Especially when we're never really free,

How can we pretend to agree?

So yes, I'm cold and the sea air bites,

But this is the kind of cold that never fights,

Give me a little warmth, hold on forever,

Let's stay under the banana leaf sun together.


This writer is a junior in high school and has been writing since they were very young. At first, they only wrote fictional stories, but after a long night of babysitting without any charge left in their phone, they started writing poetry. Since then, the fantasy story writing slowed down, and they mainly wrote poetry. When not reading books or writing poetry, this writer enjoys swimming and art and spending time with their friends and family.

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