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the team that works to bring love letters to you.

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meet our team


Ash Reynolds

Head Editor, Web Designer

hi! my name is ash reynolds and i’m a co--runner of this magazine! i’ve always loved writing and have been doing it since i was a little kid, as well as other forms of art like drawing, photography and music! i’m super excited to be part of this team and help with such a cool project! also i learned how to use wix to make this website which was a NIGHTMARE so please appreciate my work.


Jaya Valji

Head Editor, Poetry Editor

hey! my name is jaya valji and i’m an indo-canadian living in seattle, washington, and i attend the jackson school of international studies at the university of washington. i’ve loved music all my life and find joy as well as therapy in it. i primarily play cello and piano, but also know the guitar, ukulele, viola, and drums. i’ve been exploring songwriting for the past couple years and love connecting with others around the world through our magazine!

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Khushi Jain

Poetry Editor

hey, my name is khushi and i am pursuing my masters in london. i use more verbs than nouns and end all text messages with a full stop. here to cut, paste and scrapbook words into poems. i also read. a lot.


Rabeiah Khan

Prose Editor

hi! i'm rabeiah! i write profusely and sometimes dabble in the art of photography and filmmaking. i live in saudi arabia, jeddah, and yes, i love the beach. i'm currently pursuing my wildest dreams and in the meantime i hope *fingers crossed* to find a college that's the right fit for me. love letters magazine is such a creative space for all and i aspire to bring all my passion and ingenuity to it!


Meg O'Neil

Prose Editor

I’m Megan & I’m 23. I’ve just graduated with a degree in English and Creative Writing from Falmouth University. I love poetry & prose, fencing, perfume, pearls, and velvet.


Marie-Louise Naomie

Social Media Manager, Art Editor

hiii, my name is Marie-Louise Naomie and I am excited to join the team as a social media editor! I currently work in marketing and just moved out to the west coast after graduating from NYU. I consider myself a storyteller and love finding new mediums to work with from social media, to cooking, to music, or to writing poetry myself.


Aarani Diana

Op-Ed Writer

hi there! i'm aarani, and i'm twenty. i'm a writer and poet from petaling jaya, malaysia. writing has been my passion for as long as i can remember and i'm someday hoping to go into journalism. i'm so excited to meet fellow young creatives from all over the world with love letters. 


Shira Zur

Founder of Love Letters Magazine

hi, my name is shira zur and i live in seattle, washington! i have loved to read and write ever since i can remember, and wanted to make my own young adult-run mag to make it easier for young adults all over to share and receive feedback on their stories/poems/other creations!  

Shira Zur departed from Love Letters in 2022 and is now attending University of Washington!

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