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(Poem) see-sick

weary eyes, we gaze: hidden

blue penetrating across glass shards,

slow to fold our creases.

say, the jelly strands grace

hair into fans of curiosity,

crowning over silver tarnish

which adorns maroon and white

letters, though not of our own ship.

does coast water surge into madness?

when sodium grains wound the surface

afloat each slant of an eyelash.

for lukewarm coral tucks the ears

softly, surely in a pocketful of loving breaths.


Kelly Huang is a 17-year-old senior at Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose, CA. She started writing poetry for two reasons: to forgive and to project into the future. The stories she writes are based on her community, focusing on the people around her. Kelly is also interested in exploring the relationship between society and international communications. In her free time, she likes to lion dance, play the flute and watch Gilmore Girls.

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