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(Poem) adrift

i never understood why poets were obsessed

with space, until the stars cut me loose.

it’s alright, i tell myself,

because she’s still floating;

she’s still in love.

this is as clear as a comet’s course:

even now, her voyager eyes dance around

the constellations, glimmering

with flighty dreams.

i exhale. i am sinking into

the depths of the galaxy’s abyss,

consigned to the emptiness between lines

of prose, the crinkle in an uncharted frontier.

yes, she still loves something

with her round moon heart,

and i let myself be content to stargaze.


Trini Rogando is a junior at TJHSST in Alexandria, Virginia. Her work has been published in Kalopsia Literary Journal and she was recently named a National Winner of the National High School Poetry Contest. If she’s not writing, you’ll most likely find her procrastinating on physics homework or fiddling with four marimba mallets. She wants to remind everyone to not take life too seriously; no one ever gets out alive.

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