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(Poem) a cup of cocoa with you

please, could you linger a while longer by the door / the porch / your car

& we could talk about nothing while the world finds their

breath and caramel toffee love? please, could you linger a while longer

while i piece myself together and hold on to the last murmurs of the fireflies

in my belly? the sunflowers have gone to bed & the bread is only just done

cooling off on the windowsill, and y(our) palms have made a promise to

always live in each other's shadows. and come back inside before the rain

grows heavy, come inside / not for long, only until the smell of jasmine fades away

and we can remember when we threaded ourselves together & how we wove

a line over a line over a line / to keep from falling over the edge, together until the end.

but now, all we see is the fire crackling inside / don't go yet, there are still so

many things to remember & so many memories to create.


Maitreyi Parakh (she/they) is a teenage, Indian-American bisexual poet from Seattle, USA. Her other hobbies include screaming into the void about Anne Carson's essays, listening to Lorde instead of doing calc homework & baking with way too much sugar. You can find more of her work published or forthcoming in Thimble Lit Mag, Southchild Lit, Paper Lanterns Lit and Serotonin poetry.

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