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(Poem) Maestro

she composes seamless, beautiful melodies

and shapes the sound of our ensemble

with the wave of her hand.

i want my groove in the tempo controlled by

her body

moving to the rhythm of her own device.

she cues the direction of our symphony

and the music on my heart

is a playlist curated by her.

i want her to desire modulations

to the minor key sometimes

to lose herself to somber harmonies.

she constructed the concept of time in her sleep

so all the time in the world belongs to her

just as how all of me is hers.

i want to take my time, take my life

to study her orchestration

and everything it means to her.


claudia is a music enthusiast who very much longs to better understand herself and the world around in - in all it's beauty. she occasionally expresses this desire and the lamentations that come from which through the written word.

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